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Thank You to all our clients for supporting us.  Feeling very blessed.
We have two yearlings for sale at this time. 
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Picture Name Sire Dam  Dam's Sire Price
Yearlings For Sale

Cruzn Reddy

2022 Palomino colt

Crusin Whiz

All Reddy Smart


SOLD Thank you Danielle

Two Year olds for sale
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Broodmares for Sale

Customer comments 

Foothills Ranch purchase three broodmares (All Reddy Driftwood, Shiners Impulsion, Smart N Reddy Jac)

They got here safe and sound at 630 am. They're all doing great and look good.         Thank you Suzanne and Miles Snider!

 Customer comments 

I love the foals and they seemed calm and ok! They are separate from the other three for a few days. Thks for bringing them and yes bill enjoyed the visit! And I wish we lived closer to visit! Keep in touch and have a good fall!  Thks again for everything! Hi to gord!  THx Natalie.   (Note:  Bill and Natalie purchased two foals in 2015 and two foals in 2014, plus two riding geldings in the last few years )  Thank you very much Bill and Natalie!

Hi Tammy
We had a good trip home with the baby"s, they were very quiet and not stressed.
I"ll stay in touch and let you know how they are coming along once i start them.
Looking forward to the paper work on them.

Thanks again mike king.

 Hi im interested in smart reddy whiz and cruzin whiz olena. do you still have them for sale ? I own shinners whiz n tari, he is a gem, like him alot. Thanks Mike  
Note:  Shiners Whiz N Tari is from Crusin Whiz's first foal crop.

Customer comments
2014 Pending Sally
Hi Tammy, just wanted to thank you so much for this beautiful filly! She is such a sweetie! Thank you for everything :) I'll post some pictures once this silly weather shapes up.  Kelsey

2014 Pending Q and Pending Wimpy
Hi Tammy! Foals are settling in good had to put them out alone and add one big horse at a time ! The big horses were kinda mean at first I was scared cause they so small, but everyone seems good now ! They are out with just three older horses! They whinny to me and come for oats each morning! I brushed them today and picked all there feet ! Did you pick there feet because they just lifted them like they knew! The filly is an absolute sweetheart she loves the attention, and so does he but she is a dumpling lol! I'm sure I'll be able to break them myself when the time comes! Anyhow thks again !

Sassy Okeyta Kid TH

Hi Tammy! We love her, what a level headed little gal! Thank you so much!  She is such a doll, thank you for organizing the ride for her! She is home safe and sound! Stay in touch!


Customer comments .

Solanos Blue Moon

Shari Schmitt - Tammy, Moon made it here safe and sound. I really like this little mare, but then again I like your horses:) Happy New New!!

Pending Rowdy

Cindy Carrier - Rowdys had the visit of my veterinary surgeon today. She finds him very beautiful, beautiful dimension of flesh. He caught only one small cold surment due to transport. He is always also calm. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Kid Player - unstarted 3 yr old filly

George Lowen - Hi this is George. Just thought I'd let you now kid player is loping out nicely. I really like riding that horse.

Pendy Woody

Carol Anne Pighin - Got the baby home a few hours ago and got him all settled in.  Roads in BC weren't very good, but great in Alberta.  What a nice little fellow he is -- so good, and we're so happy with him!  Thanks so much for everything....hope to see you at some reining shows this year!

RS Dry Spec A Chex

Ron Wytinck - Hi Tammy. The mare arrived at around 4.30 last night, She is in nice shape.  She has good bone on her and good hips, she is also taller then I was thinking she would be so that is good. She is also friendly, quite happy with her. Thanks again and take care.

Wimpys Rooster

Dale Brownlee - Hi Tammy, Thought we would let you know the little guy made the trip home safely and is doing very well. He sure is freindly and has a very nice disposition,calm and bold. Really looking forward to see how he turns out.  Thank you Dale and Brenda


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