2011 Sorrel Colt Sire:
Tivio Player
Cruz Whiz Chex
2012 Sorrel Colt
Crusin Whiz
2013 Chestnut Filly Sire:
Crusin Whiz
Whoz WHiz Kit
2014 Chestnut Filly
Crusin Whiz
Cruzn Chex
2015 Palomino colt
Crusin Whiz

Chex Nu Jewel

Nu Chex To Cash

Nu Cash

Amarillo Chex

The Royal Jewels

Heza Royal Step

Fistful Sheba

Picaboo Idaho

Diggers Rest

Peppy San Badger

Colonels Glow

Zippy Whip

Angel Straw

Zips Trouble

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Whoa Sally Whoa is N/Gbed  and N/N for the rest of the 5-panel test

Sally is a wonderful mare with a super easy disposition. She has great presence, very pretty and a no holes pedigree. Her sire has his AQHA Superior in Reining and has points in 6 AQHA events. NU Chex To Cash is a NRHA 2 million Dollar sire. The Royal Jewels has prduced 6 earners. Picaboo Idaho is a NRHA earner. Diggers Rest has his AQHA Superior in Reining LTE: $19,000.00 and OE: $$30,000.00. Zippy Whip has produced 2 earners.

Whoa Sally Whoa is the dam of 4 foals
2011-  Chestnut Colt by Tivio Player
2012 - Sorrel Colt by Crusin Whiz
2013 - Liver Chestnut Filly by Cruisn Whiz
2014 - Chestnut Filly by Crusin Whiz
By CHEX NU JEWEL.  Superior Reining (2005-Open); Pbha Reserve World Champion Performance (2002-Open); Qualified Jr Reining World Show(2002-Open); Performance Register Of Merit (2001-Open).  Earned 28 Performance Wins; 69 Performance Points; 5 halter Wins; 4 Halter Points; 1 Performance Register of Merit; 1 Performance Superior Award; 3 Reserve Grand Championships; 4 All Around Championships; 4 Reserve All Around Championships.  Other earnings:  AQHA Incentive Fund $2,111.83; Palomino Horse Breeders per. Points 25.0.
CHEX NU JEWEL Sired 64 Foals of which one was a Performer of 8 show age foals, Performance of this Foal: Earned 2 Performance Wins; 10 Performance Points; 1 Performance Register of merit.
The Royal Jewels  has produced 8 foals of which 3 are performers
1st dam
Picaboo Idaho’s Performance Record.  Earned 1 performance Win; 3 Performance Points; 2 Halter Wins.  Other earnings AQHA Incentive Fund $95.36; NRHA $352.54
Picaboo Idaho is the dam of 4 foals.  Oldest foals are not show age.
Dam’s sire, DIGGERS REST.  Qualified Sr Working Cowhorse World Show (1999-Open); Qualified Working Cow Horse World Show (1998-Amateur); High Point Sr Working Cow Horse/10th Place (1997-Open); Qualified Working Cow Horse World Show (1997-Amateur); Qualified sr Working Cow horse World Show (1997-Open); Qualified Sr Reining World Show (1997-Open); High Point Working Cow horse (1996-Amateur); Qualified Reining World Show (1995-Amateur); Superior Reining (1995-Amateur); High Point Reining/ 4th Place (1994- Amateur); Superior reining (1994-Open); AQHA Performance Register Of Merit. Earned 90 performance wins. 221.5 Performance points, 5 Halter Win; 1.0 Halter Point. 1 All Around Championship; 3 Reserve All Around Championships.  Other earnings  NRHA earnings $12,005.63; NRCHA $890.00  As of December 2013, Diggers Rest offspring have earned over $550,000 in reining, working cow horse, cutting, barrel racing, roping and team sorting. In 2012, Diggers Rest was ranked 47th on the All Time Leading Reined Cow Horse Sires list. For 2011 he was ranked the 14th leading Reined Cowhorse Maternal Grandsire. Daughters of Diggers Rest have produced 24 money-earning foals totaling $350,000 in earnings.
DIGGERS REST is the grandsire of 138 foals of which 19 were performers.  Performance of these foals:  36 performance wins; 260.5 performance points; 0.5 halter points; 1 novice win; 6 performance Register Of Merits; AQHA World Championship Show $2,162.49;  NCHA $254.00.  NRHA earnings $10,844.93; NRCHA earnings $84,311.37.
2nd dam
Zippy Whip’s Performance Record.  Qualified Reining Word Show (1992-Amateur).  Performance Register of merit (1991-Amateur).  Earned: 6 Performance Wins; 26 Performance Points; 1 Performance Register of merit.  Other earnings NRHA $ 1,086.34.
Zippy Whip’s is the Dam of 5 foals of which 4 were performers.
+ Picaboo Idaho, 1994 Chestnut Mare by DIGGERS REST.  See 1st dam of Foals.
+ That’s Mr Whiplash, 1997 Bay Gelding by Smokin Who.     Showed in 2 Shows No Points earned.
+ Mister Whiper Snap, 1998 Chestnut Gelding by ENDEAVOR DOC.  Showed in 4 showes no points earned.
+Smart Pale Face, 2000 Sorrel Gelding by THE SMART SMOKE
Earned; 3 Novice Wins; 12.0 Novice points.  NRHA $5,663.30
3rd dam
Zip’s Trouble  Performance record:  3 Performance wins; 2.0 performance points
Zip’s Trouble is the dam of 7 foals of which 5 were performers.
+ Zippy Whip, 1985 Chestnut mare, by Angel Straw.  See 2nd Dam for foals.
+ Big Time Toy, 1986 Bay Gelding by Angel Straw.  AQHA 3 Performance Points, NRHA $54.63
+ Zip Code Zee, 1989 Chestnut Gelding by Terr Em Up Cody.  AQHA 15 Performance points NRHA $2,312.54
+ Copy Code, 1991 Chestnut Mare by Terr Em Up Cody.  AQHA 2.0 performance points
. .  Smart Smoke N Cinder, 2000 Chestnut Mare by THE SMART SMOKE
       Earned 1 performance Win; 7 performance Points; NRCHA $1,046.95
. .  Rhone Em Up,  2002 Chestnut Mare by ENDEAVOR DOC. 
       AQHA 15 Performance Points; NRHCA $1,948.80
+ DECIDER SLIDER, 1993 Chestnut Mare by Terr Em Up Cody
AQHA performance Register of Merit; 24 Performance wins; 143.5 Performance Points; 1 Performance               Superior Award; NRHA $850.34

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