Foal Summary
  2010 Bay Colt Sire:
Tivio Player
2011 Sorrel Filly Sire:
Tivio Player
  2012 Sorrel Filly Sire:
Tivio Player
Cruzn Whiz Shine
2014 Sorrel Colt
Crusin Whiz
Shiners Lil Whiz
2015 Palomino Filly
Crusin Whiz

Shiners Impulsion


"Miss Q" is a big bodied mare that produces awesome foals. Her oldest 2010 foal is riding well. Her sire Shiners Q Chex has LTE: $60,000.00, NRHA $30,000.00. He has produced earners in excess $20,000.00. Shining Spark is an NRHA 3 million dollar sire. Bueno Q Chex has produced earners of $117,000.00. Reminic is NRCHA million dollar sire. Feature Bonanza has his AQHA ROM.

Shiners Q Chex

Shining Spark

Genuine Doc

Diamonds Sparkle

Bueno Q Chex


Miss Bueno Q Mark

Impulsive Feature

Feature Bonanza

Trouble Bonanza

Heaven Sent

An Impulsion


Peppy Tai Tai

Shiners Impulsion is N/N for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM, and MH

Shiners Impuslion is the dam of 4 foals.
2010 – Bay colt by Tivio Player
2011 – Sorrel Filly by Tivio Player
2012 – Sorrel Filly by Tivio Player 
2014 - Chestnut Colt by Crusin Whiz

By Shiners Q Chex .   AQHA Performance Register Of Merit (2006-Open).  Earned 13 performance Wins; 22.5 Performance Points.  NRHA $33,208.80.
Shiners Q Chex   Sired foals of which 5 were Performers.  NRHA earning $10,000.00
SHINING SPARK.AQHA Leading NRCHA Sire (2005-Open); AQHA Leading NRCHA Sire (2004-Open); AQHA Leading NRHA Sire (2001-Open); High Point Jr reining/10th place; World Champion Jr Reining(1993-Open); Qualified Sr. Cutting World Show (1996-OPEN); Performance Register Of Merit (1995-open); Qualified Sr Cutting World Show (1992-open); Earned 13 Performance Wins; 23.0 Performance Points.  Other earnings NRHA $55,385.58
SHINING SPARK Sired 1,077 Foals of which 560 were Performers.  Performance of these Foals: Earned:  3,271 Performance wins; 26,091.5.0 Performance Points; 316 performance Register Of Merit. AQHA Incentive Fund $594,428.00, AQHA World Championship Show $442,106.37. Other earnings: NCHA $41,238.44; NRHA $2,585,954.83; NRCHA $$1,769,069.46; Palomino Horse Breeders Per Points 752.0; International Buckskin Per Points 17.0; Amer Buckskin Registry Per Points 43.0; United States Team Penning Assoc. $4,709.93
Bueno Q Nic is the Dam of 9 Foals of which 7 were Performers.
+ Just Plain Nicky, 1992 Sorrel Mare by Just Plain Colonel.  Showed in 4 shows, no wins or Points earned                
+ Ms Suzie Vanderhusie, 1993 Sorrel  Mare by DRY DOC.  NRHA earnings $3800.00
    . . . Lean With This, 2000 Sorrel Mare by LEAN WITH ME. Earned 2 performance wins, NRHA $42.83
+ Reminickers, 1994 Sorrel Gelding by DRY DOC; NRHA $52.85.
+ Kit Kat Nic, 1998 Bay Gelding by Doctors Kit.  Earned 1 performance win, 6 performance points.
+ Shiners Buenonic, 199 Palomino Stallion by SHINING SPARK, NRCHA Non-Pro Hackamore Champ/2nd place(2004-Open).   Showed in two show, there were no wins or points earned.  NRHA $66.15, NRCHA $62,582.98
+ Shiners Q Chex, 2000 Palomino Stallion by SHINING SPARK, see above.
+ Shiners Q Nic, 2001 Palomino Gelding by SHINING SPARK, Qualified Jr Reining (2005-Open). Performance Register Of Merit.  Earned 3 performance wins; 34.5 performance points.  NRHA $18,840.30
 Reminic. NCHA Cutting horse Futurity /5th Place (1981-Open). NCHA $81,945.74.
 Reminic is the grandsire of 1278 foals of which 335 were performers.  Performance of these foals:  811 performance wins; 3955.0 performance points; 38 halter wins; 20 halter points; 84 novice wins; 204.5 novice points; 81 Register Of Merits; 1 world championship; 17 performance superior awards; 12 All Around championships; NCHA $383,734.67; NRHA 809,231.86; NRCHA 989,164.24; Team Penning $30,388.54
1st dam
Impulsive Feature is the dam of 5 foals.
+ Sir feature, 2001 Palomino Gelding by Winterhault Gold.
+ Impulsive Gold, 2002 Palomino Gelding by Winterhault Gold.
+ Impulsion Bonanza. 2004 Chestnut Mare by Impulsions Legend.  Dam of 1 Foal
.  . KA Two eyed Bonanza, 2007 Chestnut Mare by Monsieur Tyree Jack
+ Shiners Impulsion, 2006 Sorrel Mare by Shiners Q Chex
+ Feature Tyree, 2007 Chestnut Stallion by Monsieur Tyree Jack 
Dam’s sire, FEATURE BONANZA. Superior Western Pleasure (1982-Open).  AQHA Champion (1982-Open), Performance Register of Merit.  Earned 8 performance wins; 59 performance points; 18 Halter wins; 24 Halter points; 1 performance Superior Award.  
FEATURE BONANZA is the sire of 176 foals of which 29 were performers.  Performance of these foals: Earned: 24 Performance Wins; 25.5 Performance points; 1 Performance Register Of Merit.  AQHA Incentive Fund $502.34
2nd dam
An Impulsion is the Dam of 5 foals.
Impulsion is the Grandsire of 70 foals of which 4 were performers.  Performance of these foals, Earned: 14 performance wins; 20 performance points; 1 performance register of Merit; NRHA $11,524.47
3rd dam
Peppy Tai Tai is the Dam of 6 foals.

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